Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Need More Walls!

I love decorating walls, it's probably my favorite part of interior design. You maybe have figured this out from my previous posts.
[A little Re-cap... click for the post link]
1. My ceiling
2. Hand made art
3. Paintings and Photos
4. Wall decals

In the past few weeks I have fallen in a deep and ardent love affair with a new type of wall decor. Wallpaper murals! I am so pumped to do this. Since most of the walls in my house are either covered with something already or textured the only option available to me is the bedroom. This is probably perfect since that it the room that has been ignored since we moved in last year.
So here are some examples and options I am considering:

[The first two photos are from and the rest are from ]

Pretty awesome, eh? It's kind of a commercial look, like something you would find in a hotel lobby or a restaurant, but what a statement in a house! To be honest the picture my heart is set on is not in the photos above. It'll have to remain a mystery till it's up... it's a surprising choice I think.

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