Sunday, April 19, 2009

So Sylvie

So Sylvie is one of my favorite blogs, I love it so much I decided to do a blog profile. I figure if I love her ideas this much probably more people will too. So I will take the role of 'the introducer' and maybe I'll make a blog match! Sylvie owns a vintage furniture shop, she is an marvelous interior decorator and flea market and thrift maven. Pretty much I want to be her. I stole these photos from her blog. She has really funky craft ideas. For example, in the photo at the top, the art piece above the couch is made of a shower curtain! The left photo shows a pillow she made from a place mat from Pier 1 and on the right is a decorated tree. You really should look at her site for the close up pictures... the ornaments are so cute. Speaking of.... here is the link:

These last two pictures are of her store:

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  1. Cecile!! Merci beaucoup woman! I've just now discovered your blog! You are the sweetest! Is that too many exclamations?!!!
    A bit of an update: I no longer have the shop, but I will be offering vintage goodies through my Blossom Home web site soon. If you like I can send you the link when it's ready.
    I'm so happy to discover you!