Saturday, April 25, 2009

Eco Friendly, Bright and Sexy Sleek...

... if only my lighting fixture was a man! (... I would set him up with my best friend, because I am happy and in love with my husband!) We purchased this bad boy from the Home Depot for about 60$, and because it is eco friendly the store man gave my this form to fill out and sent to Manitoba Hydro and then they give you a rebate on your next hydro bill. You have to ask the store for the form, but it's a pretty cool idea on Manitoba Hydro's part.
So this is step one of our desperately needed bedroom make over! Exciting! I have also ordered the wallpaper mural, can't wait for that to arrive! You know a girl is pumped when she uses three exclamation marks in a row! Make that four.

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  1. are you setting ME up with your light fixture??