Thursday, April 28, 2011

Baby Bonnets!

My first baby project was inspired after my mom and I took a tour through the boxes of our (my sibling's and mine) baby clothing. I saw all these cute bonnets, so I decided to try to make a few. Notice all the random sizes... one turned out way too small. The most fun was choosing the fabrics to go together.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Check Check

Getting there. We checked off a bunch of "to-dos" off our upstairs check list this weekend. We put in a new railing, finished the baseboards and door trims... except in the walk-in closet for one of the bedrooms. My job has been to follow the progress around with wood filler and seal up all the nail holes and I have been caulking the baseboards... also an important job.
So once the one bedroom closet has its' baseboards, the bi-fold doors are hung for the baby's room and the railing is painted we can get rid of all the tools upstairs and do a final clean and paint touch ups! I think we will make it upstairs before the baby!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A New Label

On the side on my blog you see a list of called "labels", some blogs call them tags, well I will be adding a new and exciting label to my blog. This little label will be used often and is very important to me and thus deserves this introductory blog. So with out further ado.... I give you...
Me and my husband are expecting a baby in the middle of June. I have been sewing up a storm this past month trying out some new baby patterns, planning the baby's room (I just picked a theme), and dreaming of future baby projects (like making my own mobile)... all things I hope to post about soon!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Come Here Finish Line!

We are so close to the end of our renos.... so close that I have stoped try to fit my clothes into our too small current bedroom. I just long for the walk-in closet that I know awaits me!
Doors and baseboards are going up right now!
I like this picture because it makes it look like evrything is done....but then you see this room, our soon-to-be bedroom, and you realize there is still some work to be done! But we are getting there!