Friday, April 17, 2009

Stick Bouquet

Most of my creativity this month has come from some dire urge to fill all my vases. This blog is no different. I had an empty glass vase, well more of a bowl, and decided it needed to be filled. I came up with the idea of a stick bouquet. I've seen it done before, usually in a taller arrangement with less sticks. The funnest part of this craft was getting the supplies. I took my dog on a walk and collected sticks in a bag as I went. Since my dog is a puppy, and a cute one at that, we attracted a lot of kids. My favorite was this cute, kind of chubby girl with a t-shirt too tight and a juice stain on the front... but still totally adorable. While she was holding Polly she asked me "Why do you have a bag of sticks?" I told her I was making a bouquet, except instead of flowers I was using sticks. She looked at me a little weird for a second, but then went back to playing with Polly. All in all this was a fun craft and totally free to make!

1 comment:

  1. i see some of your windowsil apples have disappeared!!!

    and may you please help me make a stick bouquet

    looove britje