Sunday, April 5, 2009

Inspiration From An Unlikely Source

My top five websites I visit are my two email domains, facebook, this blog and the real estate website. I love looking at homes for sale! I like to dream about how I would change and renovate a house. But occasionally I find great ideas from homes that are for sale in winnipeg:

I love the staircase, french doors and the white painted sun room with a gazillion plants. The pictures below are all of kitchens. What a bold move to paint the cabinet yellow, but with the black table and black and white backsplash and photo and red dishes it looks awesome. I like the backsplash in the second photo too. The third kitchen is amazing! I can't believe it's a house in Winnipeg!

These last few picture show the power of painted cabinets. The old dingy brown stain that so many house for sale have just dates the kitchen... honestly, just paint it.
The last picture just cracked me up.... umm where can I get that coffee table?

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