Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Take A Stand Against Souviniers!

Ok, well I am not that adamant against souvenirs, it's just lots of times people buy things in the heat of the moment... and why not, you having a great time on your vacation you want something to remember the trip by. It's just that for most of these purchases three months down the road those Mickey Mouse ear headbands, your "I Got Tipsy in Vegas" shot glass and Eiffel Tower key chain are in the trash or in your junk drawer. On my last trip out of the country, to Cuba, I decided to only buy things that I knew I would keep. So in the end me and my husband bought this painting. We love it, it totally reminds us of our trip without saying "Veradero" on it. I also bought a ring and photo album for our Cuba pictures. And all in all I don't regret the fact that I don't have a wooden cigar pipe with the country's name on it.

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