Sunday, December 14, 2008

Michelangelo had his Sistine Chapel.... I have my dining room!

So far in my life I think I would call this my master piece.
It took me months to complete... but like I was saying before, about customization... it makes you proud as a peach to have it. Let me give you a little "how to", just in case you have months to spare. I first made the stencil using a plastic duotang. I printed my design out on a piece of paper (it was originally a two inch design on a piece of scrapbooking paper) and taped it to my duotang then used an exacto knife to cut it out. I used a sticky spray (used for sreen printing) and tape to keep my stencil on the cieling. To keep each piece seperated evenly I used reference points on the designs all ready painted on. I had to wash my stencil keep after every use because a little bit of paint would always stay on the edge and would muck up the next design if I didn't clean it. People thought I was crazy when I told them my idea (I probably should have left out the lime green part) but most of those people who were ready to throw my in the loony bin have taken it back.


  1. This is absolutely stunning...I love your work! Can't wait to see more. Gorgeous colors...incredible patience...magnificent statement. Love it.

  2. i love the angles you took these pics with cecile. i just had to show your blog to my sister-in-law amy. she thinks you are just as amazing as i do.
    can't wait to see many more projects...wish we could work together on all of these.