Tuesday, June 30, 2009

There was a little picture...

There was a little picture that lived in a little frame.
And all the people wondered of where this combo came.
And as sure as grass is blue, and lies are true... this I tell to you:
This love match, of picture and frame, of vintage origins they are the same.

(like my poem? It's kind of confusing though, because I really did find the frame at a thrift store, and the photo is from a vintage book.)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Painting... you should try it!

I am not really a painter, but I tried my hand at it a few years ago and created these:I found them a few days ago so I thought I'd display them... to inspire me to keep trying new creative outlets. (Even if I just try it once.... or I guess twice in this case)

Friday, June 19, 2009


I just found out about this funky website that is devote to fashion. People sign up and register for a profile and then they post picture of their outfits, including wear they purchased the clothes from. You can actually click on a popular store name and then it shows you how different people wear items from that store. Then, as a user, you can add 'friends' and so you can keep up with your favorite fashion bloggers. I love the site because the bloggers are real people with creative ideas on how to wear clothes. I totally recommend checking out the site, if you are interested in fashion... @ http://www.weardrobe.com/. Here are a few examples:

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pretty over h{ear} Pretty over there!

I bought this jewelery tree from Urban Outfitters. I love being able to display my earrings somewhere other then on my ears!

Monday, June 15, 2009

New vs. Old

The other day me and my husband were at Ikea and saw these glasses. (pictured above) We thought they were totally cute. I can't remember why... but in the end we didn't get them. Then yesterday I was strolling the Salvation Thrift store aisles, like I usually do, and came across these:

I love them, more then the Ikea ones for sure. I know some people would pick new item over old item any day, but I think, more then not, I love the character and history of the old. (Only four are pictured, but I bought a set of eight)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Contriving Livingroom #2

Warning: This is going to be a photo heavy blog.

So since we bought our second couch (which was a few months ago) we decided to nix the dining room and have a second living room area. So it's now the time for me to pick a fabric to reupholster, but I need a concept to work off of.
This is my idea:
Most of the photos are from anthropologie and a few are taken from flickr. To sum up my concept, lots of prints, different textures (including wood textures... which I've been excited about already) and heavy on the antique look. So besides finding the right fabric for the job I've also been accessory hunting online. These are real butterflies that are framed. I found them on ebay, I think they'll be perfect!

Monday, June 8, 2009

DVD Display

The other day we switched our cable provider. This small decision caused this change:Since I had to take the shelves down to get to the wires I decided to re-stain and varnish them. So with my glisteningly re-done shelves I felt kind of sad putting the old stuff back on them.
That's when I decided I wasn't a huge fan of seeing the DVDs. So I made the three DVD boxes out of wood. I stained them then used stickers to spell out quotes from some of the movies we own, then painted over the stickers with white paint. I then removed the stickers and varnished. I love them... so much better then the line up of DVDs.

My second favorite thing about my shelves is the books stacked with the Wii. I didn't know you could put the Wii on it's side, it was such a revalation to me. I love the look of old time entertainment, the books, mixed with new technology... the Wii and the XBox.

And, as you can probably tell, I am going big into wood for summer. I love the different textures and stains.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Yard Progession

This is our backyard

This our backyard getting worked on... Patio soon to come!

This is our front yard...

Above is the before picture and after is pictured below. (Hopefully you could have figured that out by yourself)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Great Discount Winnipeg Shopping!

I have two great stores that are not well advertised, but great places to pick up home supplies, to tell you about. The first is the Winnipeg Habitat for Humanity ReStore. This store sells mostly salvaged parts from homes but also carried some overstock or wrongly made custom orders... an example would be custom windows. They have everything from tile, doors, windows, chairs, pieces of glass, door knobs, handles, bathtubs, lighting fixtures, paint, hinges, and some furniture. We recently picked up some new drawer metal pulls for a dollar each, metal table feet and two pieces of ginger colored glass from EQ3 meant for a TV stand top and an end table top for five dollars. (The pulls are pictured on the brown dresser and the feet and pictured with the end table glass top) The address is at 60 Archibald and this is the web site http://www.habitat.mb.ca/restore.html.The other store is the Palliser warehouse, which is pretty impossible to find anything about on the web. This warehouse has amazing deals on furniture and home accessories. They have couches, tables, bedroom sets, rugs, lamps, coffee tables. We picked up a clock (10$), green placemat(3.00$) pictured on my dinningroom table, and bedding (30$). Since EQ3 is part of Palliser this store also carries some of their stock. The address is 630 Kernagham Ave.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Birch Tree Bedroom!

I did this actually at the end of April, but with my computer breaking down at that time, and then my planned theme month... this is getting to you a little belated, but I am still uber excited to share it with you guys. I painted the bedroom a light brown with a hint of red in it. My mom came over for the day and helped my put up the wallpaper. I was so grateful... I've never done wallpaper before so it was nice to have a veteran on my side.