Thursday, November 24, 2011

Renos Revealed!

Here is my three week bathroom reno! (I think 2 of those weeks was spent on taking down the wallpaper)
A few before pictures

This renovation cost me 85$... but that is pretty misleading since I used alot of supplies I already had in my house. Let me brake it down for you:

Martha Stewart Living beadboard paintable wallpaper 24.99$
Wood trim on top of wallpaper (we already had one piece) 10$
Silver mirror from Homesense 30$
Glass knobs, found on ebay, 20$
Taking down the wallpaper

Stuff we already had.... wallpaper paste, paint, baseboards, spray paint, vintage wood frames and all the other decorations.

So here is a list of what I did... painted the room a beachy weathered grey color, put up beadboard wallpaper and wood trim on top of it. Painted the baseboards, wallpaper and wood trim the same white color. Spray painted the existing lighting fixture white, spray painted some old frames white, put new glass knobs on the vanity and white cupboard, and bought a new mirror.
The new knobs

The frames, before and after

I love the bathroom now. I can't believe I left it for so long! When I pass by sometimes I just walk in and look around. It's so fresh and bright!
Finished Project!


  1. The bathroom looks fantastic. You are very ambitious. I especially like the frames that you spray painted. Great job!

  2. I love it! I didn't go to the bathroom when I was at your house the other day... shoot!
    You would be so proud of me, I painted picture frames for the very first time tonight. I found some old ones in the basement and decided to finally hang some Europe pics on my wall! I will have to show you a pic when I'm done :)

  3. It looks so crisp! I really like it. What color is the top? Some pics it looks gray, and others it looks a little more green. It contrasts really nicely with the white.

  4. It's a gray color. I mixed a few different cans together to make this color... so it doesn't have a name. ... but I could give it one... cloudy beach sky:)