Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Here a Broach There a Broach

Everywhere a broach, broach? umm... Sorry for the lame title. My latest flare in life has been to the broach. My friends always tease me that I have a "grandma" touch to my fashion sense. It's true... I have a quilted leather purse, I wear shawls and I love cardigans. I guess broaches were just a natural addition into my life. I have bought some brand new, made a few from scratch (example: the large flower and lace one) but I love to buy the vintage broaches and embellish them. I like to wear them in normal ways like on my shirts, scarves and jackets... but sometimes its fun to stick one in your hair or mittens. I have a Christmas reindeer one that I put on my Christmas tree as a decoration when I wasn't wearing it. For storage they sit around a candle in my bedroom... kind of pretty.
If you are thinking you might want to add a little broach to your life you should check out thrifts stores and this site: Littletricia's Vintage Broach Shop.

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