Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Our new home:

Believe it! I am so pumped and I still can't believe it. We put a conditional offer in on Sunday... it was accepted on Sunday and today we cleared up all the conditions and it's ours! Our move in date is the end of August.
I love this big old beast! Let me tell you about it: there is different wallpaper in every room, and different carpet, a secret door from the basement to outside, two bathrooms, five bedrooms, a huge yard!!! (my dream), it's on Jubilee, amazing oak trim and baseboards, a front porch, the master bedroom has a closet with a window in it! I am going to have so much fun renovating it and making it our home! I seriously can't wait!

Now we have to sell this house.... kind of nervous about it. Wish us luck!


  1. yay, looks awesome!!! congrats!

  2. Hi there! The house looks great! You're going to love it!
    We have a house that is rather similar and it's been great to take it over and restore it (slowly with the kids) and really make it our own!
    I'm sure your house will sell fast. There seems to be a run on starter homes lately.

  3. Hey!!!! Congratulations on the new home dudes, that's awesome! I love the crazy wallpapers, but I'm sure you will have loads of ideas to change it up in there! You'll have so much fun!!

  4. congrats!!!! wow, so exciting. i tried commenting last night but it wouldn't let me post. this is awesome, so happy for you and jonas. i'm sure you are going add a little touch of cecile to that house in no time! love you!

  5. Lyndon and I were chatting about the awesome wallpaper and his suggestion was to frame a piece of the wallpaper from every room!! You could use it as funky art!

  6. Great architectural period. great windows, great wallpaper! Is that bright green one in the room with the twin bed flocked? Looks like the wallpaper in the living room might be nice. Do you have a close-up? A closet with a window is special.
    Nice trees!

  7. Naomi, I love the idea! We might just do that. I think we are planing to keep the wallpaper in on the main floor bedroom (not pictured) and the spareroom, which is the white with green roses. That paper is not flocked, I think that would have been funky, but I love the print.
    These are all the pictures I have untill our move-in date, which is at the end of August. But I plan to take many 'before' photos.