Friday, November 20, 2009

Sawdust up my nose!

I feel like I have sawdust everywhere. We have started on the great mission that is refinishing our floors. We rented one of those big sanding machines and it got off a pretty good layer. Now we need to do the right beside the wall, which is about 4 mm higher then the rest of the floors, and a the spots the big machine did not get too.This is the hallway, it has just has the big sander. You can see here what I mean of the the edges needing more sanding.
And this room is done sanding! Yeah!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's Out!


So, my blending in decorations did not last very long. I had to take the little skeletons down after Halloween, which left my chandelier a little bare. I bought the snowflake garland at dollaramma and the pine cones were my last year's Christmas craft.
On the table I still have my painted gourds... they are still there as a statement of November being a transitioning month (and I love them I can't bare to throw them out). Mixed in with the guards I have snowflakes, my trees (from last year as well), candles and my new purchase, my reindeer. He is only 5$ at Super store, so run out an get one! (They also have a lying down one, which is on my list of must haves.)

Friday, November 6, 2009

It's Plus 11 Here... and I'm Puttin Up Christmas Ornaments!

The temperature is very abnormal for Winnipeg at this time of year. I am in no way complaining, but usually we have full blown snow on the streets by now. But snow or no snow I started putting up Christmas decorations! I know it is a little early, so I have been trying to make them blend in with my other decorations. I am so excited for the season!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Butterfly Display

I made these record butterflies months ago, but never displayed them. Now that Halloween is over and I have to cover up the headless horseman painting, I decided to finally display them. I think I got a little too excited with color. I think a neutral color would have done the display more justice. That is the benefits of foresight I guess.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Upstairs Bathroom Reno Plans

I don't know how much I'll stick to this plan... but as of right now, this moment, this is my idea for our upstairs bathroom. I am a little nervous about the flooring. We are thinking of tiling or getting laminate flooring.
I really want to transform an old desk or dresser into a sink vanity. I think this would look stunning and be super cheap if I can find a good one on kijiji. (The one in the picture is from kijiji for 250$) I have been looking for a white rectangular vessel sink to sit atop the vanity.
The color scheme I got from my four mismatched towels. Taupe, mustard and brown. I want to paint a design on the curved wall, I don't know if diamonds will be the answer, but I like the kind of circus mystique they add to the room.