Thursday, December 11, 2008

Paris Pictures

Changed the background, title, and font colors : check
Added picture of self: check
Insert first official blog on the topic of crafting:

On one of my many trips to the local thrift stores I found this book with amazing vintage pictures. It was filled with pictures of Paris, mostly in black and white, but a few in color. I loved the pictures because they weren't your everyday scenery post card type of photography. The book had pictures of everyday people doing random things like drawing with chalk, buying groceries, and just walking with a lover.
So I decided to put these pictures up on my wall.
Here is how I did it... I cut mdf board to the approximate size of the pictures. Painted the edges black. Cut the pictures to fit. At first I tried decoupage, but that was a huge failure. In the end I used a simple scrapbooking glue stick. I got my husband to drill a little whole in the back for the nail and my project was almost over. I spent about an hour getting my layout just right.
I'm pretty proud of them, that's why they made it into my first official blog on the topic of crafting: check!

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  1. this is just perfect; i'm swamped with books, and often trying to figure out how to utilize extras without spending a fortune on framing. genius! love it. so glad you decided to blog!