Monday, December 22, 2008

Display Decisions

I am a collector. I have been since I was little collecting Little Mermaid cards. Right now I am big into collecting Fossil Tins, I have over 30. Most of the them are the same size and shape, about six are different. Currently they are sitting on a few window sills, but I'd much rather have them all together displayed as a collection... so I am toying with a few ideas that I thought I'd share.
1) Stick them right up on the wall.
The example I've shown is from (Side note: its a pretty cool site, she sells wood block art pieces that are meant to be hung in groups.)
Pro: its looks organized
Con: the "odd" shaped tins would look out of place
2) Shelves.
Pro: all tins would get to be used and a smaller space is needed
Con: Less impact and more messy?
3) Different sized display boxes
I like this idea because then I could stack the tins to make taller arrangements. Plus I like the disorder to the order... and I could paint the frames a funky color, like bright red or orange! Oh, and I could put a subtle but fun printed wall paper or fabric as the back panel. That would be kind of fun.
4) Show case coffee table.
This one is an idea I've been toying with for awhile. I haven't seen it done anywhere. Pros would be it's unique, organized, and impactfull. Cons: a lot more time and effort. I would like to do something like this coffee table (I saw it at Kesay), but maybe with a groove where the tins would sit in, so they wouldn't move around when we moved the table... or walls that from the wood piece up to the glass. I dunno, what do you think?


  1. coffee table or boxes on wall would be my vote in that order.
    love your blog koop. keep up the good work
    love brit

  2. i was gonna say that the boxes on the wall are my pick. i think that it would look great...where to hang them would be the only question? i love that you are blogging cecile! it makes me so happy! just wondering when you are going to have to start making more things to keep up with your one a day post.

  3. Ha ha... I have been making new things, but they are Christmas presents, one of which is in your package, so I must wait till after Christmas. Luckily I have a surplus of old crafts that I love to talk about!

  4. I love your coffee table thing...we have a display sort of coffee table (wooden box thing, with a round glass plate on top) but I haven't found anything that I like to put inside. The fossil tin thing is a great idea though!
    Alyssa K