Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Best Way To Recycle!

Um... I always write my title to my blog and the regret it... or at least reconsider. In this case I maybe was a little over dramatic, but it is a way to recycle non-the-less. I think "A Way To Recycle" would not have been as impressive a title... don't you agree?
Anyway, moving on... Clothing Swap Parties! The plot: invite all your girl friends over and tell them to bring their unwanted, but still cool, clothing, jewelery and purses. Then you swap! The picture is our pile of clothes. I have done this two times now, and usually their is a lot of clothing at the end and we just brought it to Salvation Army... goes to a good cause. Now, being that it is spring cleaning time, is a great time to hold this type of event. It gives you insentive to clean out your closets... or drawers in my case. (I yurn and pine for a closet!)

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