Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Snowy White Winter Wonderland

I have these wonderful black candlesticks that I wanted to still keep on the table during the Christmas season. So I went with a black and white, mostly candles... which are so romantic and perfect for cold nights, themed table. So I have eleven candles on my table, luckily I have a firefighter for a close friend! My favorite item on is this display is the fake snow. It's marvelous... it's about 3$ for a little bag, it looks like powder but you just add water and it's sparkly snow. A warning though, it drys out fast so you have to keep spritzing it or adding water almost every other day. For the best effect use it on glass. The fuzzy snow flakes are from Dollaramma, so are the brandy glasses and the plate. I found the four silver candle holders at a thrift store. The two black star cut-out rolls are from Fabricland. We only use our table for eating, otherwise it would be a pain to have to move this arrangement. So if you are like me, in the matter that your table doesn't get much use, then its a great place to add a little holiday pizaz.

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