Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Little Miss Match

When me and my husband started decorating our house we made a decision that we woudn't buy a bunch of mediocre furniture. We decided to either spend a good amount of money on something, and plan to keep it for years to come, or buy something cheap that would be temporary until we could afford to replace it. One item that got the short end of the money stick was our dining room set. We ended up buying mis matched chairs from thrift stores. (I'm only at three... still on the look out for chair number four) I decided to go with a crazy fabric for the seats, because the seat cushion is such a small space and I wanted to make an impact. This fabric is actually vintage 1970s. I'm not too crazy about the different colors of chairs, they are fun for now, but I'm think once chair four comes along they might all turn white... we'll see. But totally cheap to do, and upholstering chair seats is super easy if they are the type where the seat just screws off. It also makes it easier to paint the chair.

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