Saturday, December 27, 2008

Miniature in Measure, Mega in iMagination

When I moved into my house I left behind a huge, double closeted, bedroom. A bedroom in which my sister decided to take over. (Double closets... how could she not!) To everyone's surprise she decided to go with a Victorian pink theme. So for her birthday I decided to make her some wall art.
I used mostly scrapbooking and beading supplies. And to make it more personal I spelt out a message in each box. (You can't see all the letters because of the angles) The left is a bedroom scene and the right is a kitchen scene. I had so much fun making these... especially trying to making the little items. An example is the broom, I made it from an old blush brush and a toothpick and a bit of hemp rope. The little apron and chef hat are made of fabric.

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