Monday, December 15, 2008

A Feather Affair

Another Christmas craft for the day...All you need for this one is card stock, feathers and glue. (I used my hot glue gun... I use my hot glue gun for everything... I feel like I should give him a name) Really, besides the glue, this is a Dollaramma craft. Feathers and card stock... two bucks.
How I did it: First I made the cone out of cardstock. Then, starting at the top, I glued the bottom of the feathers on. At the bottom of the cone I did a few feathers going the opposite way, to hide the feather bottoms from the meddle row.
If you wanted to jazz it up I think glueing pearls on would be cute, maybe in groups of three. Or putting a pretty ribbon going around with a little bow at the top. Oh, or a tiny little bird sitting in the tree... I like that idea best.
Well, good luck everyone in finding little tiny birds! The peacock tree was my inspiration, its from Danielle's Rockaway Florist.

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