Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Great Discount Winnipeg Shopping!

I have two great stores that are not well advertised, but great places to pick up home supplies, to tell you about. The first is the Winnipeg Habitat for Humanity ReStore. This store sells mostly salvaged parts from homes but also carried some overstock or wrongly made custom orders... an example would be custom windows. They have everything from tile, doors, windows, chairs, pieces of glass, door knobs, handles, bathtubs, lighting fixtures, paint, hinges, and some furniture. We recently picked up some new drawer metal pulls for a dollar each, metal table feet and two pieces of ginger colored glass from EQ3 meant for a TV stand top and an end table top for five dollars. (The pulls are pictured on the brown dresser and the feet and pictured with the end table glass top) The address is at 60 Archibald and this is the web site other store is the Palliser warehouse, which is pretty impossible to find anything about on the web. This warehouse has amazing deals on furniture and home accessories. They have couches, tables, bedroom sets, rugs, lamps, coffee tables. We picked up a clock (10$), green placemat(3.00$) pictured on my dinningroom table, and bedding (30$). Since EQ3 is part of Palliser this store also carries some of their stock. The address is 630 Kernagham Ave.


  1. can you take me to these places when i come for a visit? looks like you found some good stuff!
    (I'm sad to see that the wedding month ended... I liked looking back at your wedding).
    love ya girl!

  2. It’s a pretty interesting tool. I will definitely be using it once I get the chance. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh my goodness! That is just SOO sweet!! Something like that would retail for a few hundred dollars and you did it Fabulously for oh so less!!! Thanks for the great pics of everything you did. :> Wow! You guys did an amazing job!It's just perfect!

    Susan Graham