Tuesday, March 13, 2012

dIY Cardigans

Hey friends... I know I have not posted for awhile. I just haven't been crafting. I blame it on the season... but now that the sun is out more I feel my energy level pepping up, so hopefully I will be posting my own crafts soon. But until then here are a few cardigan embellishments that love so fun...


  1. Cecile! I love that heart back ... How would one go about making that??

  2. I would pin the lace fabric on the inside of the cardigan... just do a big square piece of lace, so you dont have to worry about sewing past the fabric, then make a heart out of paper as you pattern. (I like to use newspaper... or any lighter paper, so it is easy to rip away after) Pin on you heart to the back of the cardigan and sew around it. then cut away the cardigan to reveal the lace!