Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Mulvey Market

I just got back from exploring a new wonderland.... also known as the Mulvey Market. It's a flea market on Mulvey, just off Osborne. There about 40 some booths set up, selling all things vintage. I spent 17$ and walked away with two brooches, a purple vase... purple is my new accent color, and my favorite purchase is the miniature furniture set. It's brass, each piece cost 2$. I haven't decided where I'll put them yet, I am thinking some where kind of hidden.. so they are like an I Spy game. Side Note: I am obsessed with I Spy, it's my dream to open up an I Spy Museum. Cool idea, eh? Ok, but back to the Mulvey Market. They had lots of vintage glass wear, especially serving bowls and vases, it almost all colors imaginable, movies, sings, books, sports cards and jewelery. Some specialty stores included a remote control car shop, vintage door knob table, an Elvis booth, McDonalds toys... that one brought back a lot of memories, and action figures.
Click here to see the website.

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