Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Newest Victim...

Me and my husband spent this past Saturday visiting antique and thrift stores. It was probably the best way I could spend a Saturday. It was so fun. At the MCC Furniture store we found my newest victim for a make over. A couch! Now those of you have have been to my house know that there is no way we can just casually fit a 6 foot long couch in. So after purchasing the couch we sat down to think about what we just did. Our best solution right now is to nix the dinning room and turn it into a second living room. I know this might sound crazy, but honestly beside using the table to display a center piece we've used it appoxamately 4 times. Plus this will open our space up for large get togethers... which we would probably do more often then 4 times.
Anyway, this morning my husband woke me up to show me some pictures in a Dwell magazine... the couch is almost identicall to ours... except ours has a cut out wood pattern on the back (which I like better anyway). The couch is currently sitting in my parents garage, so I thought I'd post the magazine pictures to give you an idea. It currently has orange cussions but we are thinking of recovering them in white, green, purple or grey. The wood will need to be sanded and restained, I think I'll keep it a dark brown though. This will most likely be a spring project because I'll need to be outside sanding, but I am so pumped. I was already telling my husband we will need to buy another coffee table and rug. I love it... it's projects like this one that make my creative soul race with joy till I fall over panting with laughter. (Did you like that line? It made me laugh... I was trying to come up with a cool metaphor. I probably won't be adding 'poet' to my resume any day soon.) But seriously, this summer is gonna be a good one and this is just one more reason I can't wait to say good bye to the snow and ice!

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