Monday, February 9, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust..... ME!

Normally the first signs of spring bring joy to me, but not today. Today the plus 2 weather caused more strife then the weather has ever had effected my life before. I woke up to the pitter patter of water droplets.... in my dinning room! Apparently the ice built up on my roof giving the snow no where to melt but into my attic. So I spent a hour before work shoveling the snow off my roof. I only stopped because I had to catch my bus for work. So I left my house with bowls on the floor and I got to my bus stop and stayed at my bus stop for an extra twenty minutes. My bus was late. Finally, twenty minutes late my bus pulled up to work. I got off the bus and started briskly walking to work... this is where I slipped and fell flat on my butt. I sat there and thought to myself... is this the moment to break down and cry or should I shrug it off and get up and keep going. Since I knew either way I had to go to work I decided I'd probably be better off if I arrived without puffy red eyes. What a day... but my boss was totally understanding about being late, and my butt will eventually heal. My roof is still leaking, but I think my painting won't be ruined... it just needs to dry out.

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