Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Flowers And Sticking To Your Guns!

I was so thrilled with my flowers in the end, but it was a pretty long process to get there. Me and mom went in for a couple consultations where we looked through thousands of pictures. Luckily my mom is well versed in the floral world so she was a lot of help. I wanted my flowers to be statement pieces. (My bouquet is on the left, and the bridesmaid's are to the right) My wedding colors were inspired by a peacock feather and I wanted the flowers to compliment with the neon green berries and contrast with hot pink and orange flowers. Two days before the wedding the florist called me and said she thought the orange spikey flowers were too orange and she wanted to go with green orchids instead. I was going to agree over the phone, but my bridesmaid, Brittany, was there and she said lets just go take a look. I am so glad she did because I loved the orange, it was exactly what I wanted. I loved the 'weeds' in the bridesmaids bouquets... they totally made the bouquet unique.

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  1. Really absolutely gorgeous...what a delectable combination...stunning!