Monday, May 4, 2009

Centerpiece! Centerpiece!

Wonderful, beautiful centerpiece. Look out here comes the centerpiece! (If you couldn't tell you were supposed to sing that last part to the tune of the spiderman theme song.)
I never realized how pricey centerpieces can be. If you want just a wide candle, 5$ a piece x 30 tables... boom 150 dollars! Then when you add flowers... supper crazy prices! We never actually considers flowers, peacock feathers inspired our colors, they were what we wanted and just happened to save us a bundle.
For a price breakdown: I think I spent about 70$ on all the feathers. I spent 35$ on the green swirly sticks. Then we spent 40$ and one full Saturday on the wood and to make the step contraption candle holder. The dark wood stain I had, the sand was free, the green rocks were found at a dollar store for about 5$ in total, tea lights probably 2$ (tea lights are the way to go) and the glass vase were a dollar each and we bought 35. So all in all we spent about 187$ on our centerpieces... for thirty tables that is about 6.25$ a table. Not to shabby!The design was a lot of fun to come up with. And we had so many different ideas, we contemplated a few square tray ideas, some with moss, some with sand... but always with the peacock vase. Once we settle on steps we still had to work out the arrangement of steps. There were many choices and voices involved, but in the end they were unique and hand made and wonderful!

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