Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Your Wedding Won't Be Perfect!

It's true, best you start believing it now. I was actually kind of excited about the imperfectness of our wedding... I just couldn't wait to find out what it would be. There is always at least one moment at a wedding were something goes wrong... an inappropriate toast, repeating the vows wrong, forgetting to light the unity candle, flower girls cry and in my case guest books get forgotten and an ash try is used to hold down the wedding certificate! I had two.... lets just call them faux pas. Nothing that stopped the wedding from happening or me or my guests from any less fun... just things that weren't planned to happen that way. I had planned to take pictures of my guests and have them sign and comment on a photo album book where I would later put their pictures, but the photo album was forgotten. Instead I have a scribbler with line by line of names and a separate photo album. Nothing I cry about a night, just not what I planned. The ash try I didn't even notice till I saw the pictures... beside looking like chronic smokers, again not too much to cry about... kind of funny actually.

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