Monday, May 25, 2009

My Dress

I found my dress when I told my mom, sister and one of my friends, Krista, to pick out an ugly dress for me to try on. (I think I was getting board) In the end I picked the "ugly" dress that my sister picked out. You never know, ugly on the hanger might be stunning on you! This equation sadly goes backwards as well, you my see the most beautiful dress in a magazine, but don't get your heart set on it, because when you try it on it might not be flattering... But trying on dresses is so fun anyways, if that happens I say take it as an excuse to do more shopping! This blog topic was actually an excuse for my to post multiple photos of me looking my finest...This last photo was of my mom doing up my bustle for the reception. Also, a little tip for the brides-to-be: I fell in love with my dress at a store, but before purchasing it I looked online and found it for 500$ cheaper. This method can be a little sketch though, make sure it's a reputable online store. Also I would only do this if you have tried the dress on and you know what size you need before the alterations.

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