Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thumbs Down for Amerispec!!!!!

I am so mad right now I want to throw up. We went to the home show a few weeks ago and talked to some people at this booth for Amerispec inspection. They gave us this sales pitch for like a half an hour on how much money we could get in federal grants. I was totally honest with them and told them about all the work that we had already done, but they said that wouldn't matter, they would still be able to tell the insulation that was their before. So I book an appointment. (It's 260$)... and I told the lady on the phone the our situation too. Then the guy came over, Bob, and he said that he could only report what he sees. and I told him my story so he called his supervisor and told him all the wall and attic were insulated... and they weren't, I left one wall and part of the attic with the wood shavings and I said that well he was on the phone, but he ignored me.
What gets me is he says we should take pictures so he knows what is behind the walls after we drywall and I said I have pictures of the shavings can't you use that? But no.
Argg... moral of the story... do not use Amerispec!!!!!!!!!!

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