Thursday, February 4, 2010

Come on Be Happy!

Being mad sucks. So even though I am still really mad I am trying to let it go and move on. All renovations have their bumps. I was watching this show where this girl was flipping a house and she went 50 000$ in debt and lost money on the house. It was so sad.
Anyway... yesterday I made a list of why my life rocks... it helps to forget the little things.
1. Everyone I love is in good health. (I am so very thankful for this)
2. I have amazing people to love
3. ... and dogs. : )
4. My husband loves his job. This one might sound lame, but I think it is important to love what you do. I am not quite there yet... but hopefully one day.
5. I have a home that I get to be creative with
6. Two new people are following my blog!!! Welcome Lee and Miranda

My list goes on but you get the idea.
So to who ever reads this, I hope you are having an amazingly happy day today, but if you are not, try making a My Life Rocks List... it might help.


  1. Way to put your chin up and move on!
    Love you!


  2. Aw, you rock too. I'm usually the one festering in my own misery, but you've shown me the way. Just smile and move on :)