Saturday, July 25, 2009

Desire to Inspire

These photos came from Desire to Inspire. The link is in my blog list or here. I've been trying to find inspiration for decorating our new house and this blog stays true to it's name. Here are a few examples of photos I have found inspiration from.

I love the photo below. I really want to try the look they did with the dresser, by painting out the outer frame a solid color and leaving the drawers with the wood texture. I also love the vintage chair upholstered in a modern color... I am on the hunt right now for a pair of vintage chairs I can do this to.From this photo I love the mixture of different art work on the same wall. I love how busy this room looks. I love it when you walk into a room and there is so much to look at. I am also a huge fan of the display case. I like the use of fabric in this photo, in the display case and in on the chairs. I think I've decided I also really like it when the table doesn't match the chairs. Matchy matchy is out, for me at least.I want these chairs!

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