Sunday, July 26, 2009

More House Photos

Me and my husband went for a tour of the house yesterday. The lady was super nice, she mostly wanted to show us which light switchs did what. Helpful advice, especially since one switches off the out side plug that you would use to plug in your car. (This is important for our Winnipeg winters) She also showed us a bunch of her furniture she was trying to sell, and we asked her how much she was selling her dinning room table and chairs and she said she'd just leave them for us! So nice! I couldn't believe it. I don't really have a great picture of the table and chairs, but the chairs have a fabric seat that I would recover. She is also leaving her fathers tool's and work bench for Jonas. Anyway... enough chit chat... here are the pictures:

These are the floors upstairs, they are fir. The main floor is oak.
This is in the basement. Scary. It reminds me of Kevin's basement in Home Alone.
The neighborhood. I love love love our neighborhood... lots of character homes with color and mature trees.
The master bedroom.
Upstairs hallway.
So much wall paper.... I am a little nervous, since I have never taken down wallpaper... but on the plus side I'm sure I could go pro after finishing this house.
Dinning room.

I never bought myself the old chandelier for the craft project I wanted to do, so when I saw this I freaked! Now I don't have to buy one!
Main floor bathroom.
Main floor hallway light. Love it.

Bedroom on the main floor.
Main floor bedroom closet. This house has so much storage!

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