Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Butterflies on the Brain {Operation... I'm the Dr. for you}

Apparently all I think about is butterflies these days. Oh well, I can think or worse things to think about... sick puppies, dandylions, biting tin foil...

Anyway. I saw this photo of an art exhibit (link to picture's website here) and got so anxious to try it myself. I went out and bought myself five records for five dollars at a thrift store, cut out my butterfly template and taped it on to the record. I got my scissors and went to cut when, to my surprize, I realized how hard vinyl actually is. There is no way any type of scissor could make it through that. So my dad set up his scroll saw for me and that work beautifully. Then I put them in the oven at 200 degrees for two mins to soften them up so I could mold the wings. The picture below are my little butterflies... I will wait till we move before I hang them up some where.
Side note, last night I realized that my new house has lots of halls which means more surface space for art!


  1. I am lovin' your butterflies!!!! They look so cool. I want to try that. Did they smell in the oven? (I'm Brit's aunt - got your link through her blog) Your site is very inspiring : )

  2. Thanks. No they didn't smell. At two minutes they were just beginning to become pliable, nothing really started to melt yet. Good luck!