Saturday, January 31, 2009

Photos That Inspire

These are pictures I've saved through years of web surfing that have inspired me. I came across the "house ideas" folder the other day when I was searching for a different file and thought I'd post some of them.

I really like the cut-out wood doors of the picture above. Some day I will incorperate this into one of my projects. I think it would be pretty easy... time consuming, but easy.

This picture I saved because I was trying to think of good storage ideas and I like the shelf that is a foot away from the ceiling.

I love the layers to this room. Like how the top of the couch is the floor of another room.

I love the Barcelona chair, it's my dream to one day own one. They just look so sexy. But that's not why I saved this picture, I like the wall art in the background.

I love this coffee table, I've really been attracted to all things white and lacquered.

This would be such a smart idea for our house because our washer and dryer are in our kitchen... maybe some day!

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