Thursday, January 15, 2009

Made of Memories

I got married last year and had 5 beautiful and amazing bridesmaids. These girls went to the moon to help me get hitched so I wanted to show them that I really appreciated their friendship and help. So I decided to make them blankets. I made four jean blankets and one T-shirt quilt... and that's the one I want talk about. I made it for my sister because we both had these really cool graphic printed T-shirts that we didn't wear anymore, because of size or damage, but were just kind of hard to part with. So I went through her "give away bag" and my closet and picked out some favorites and started cutting them up. I also wanted to add a little something something to the blankets to signify that it was from my wedding, so I screen printed a peacock feather in the corners of the jean blankets and over two squares in the quilt. I put a peacock feather because those were the colors of my wedding and part of the centerpieces. But back to the quilt... I finished it off with a soft gray flannel backing. Currently I am saving all my old blue shirts to make a similar blanket but with a more selective color scheme.

1 comment:

  1. i love how i got one of these amazing blankets and the tea from the last post! i'm one lucky girl to have such a creative friend!
    still checking your post regularly and loving how you inspire me!
    you are awesome cecile!