Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Flavour Favor

If you need small gifts for multiple people, like a party favor, stock stuffer, or birthday gifts then I suggest a trip to your local bulk store. This Christmas I made tea as a gift. I made two separate types of tea, but before I get into recipes lets talk supplies. First you need the tea bags, I tried two different types and I highly recommend the bags that iron close. They work really well. If you want to make tags then you need a tag punch, string and a stapler. Then you have to think of how you'll wrap them. You could make little fabric bags, buy small plastic bags, paper envelopes or you could do what I did and use tins. I went through about 5 different cups of tea to perfect my recipe... but this is the funnest part, so I recommend you don't follow my recipe but create your own.
My first tea is called A Spice City Showdown Featuring: Pear. I used darjeeling tea as my base tea because it is a light tea and blends well with other flavors. Then I added 4 cloves, 4 black pepper corns, 5 little white chocolate chips, 6 pieces of dried pear, a piece of vanilla bean (halved then cut about 5 mm long), a piece of cinnamon bark and a dash of all spice. It has a small resemblance to Chai tea. The next tea I made I called A Lover's Trist: A Ginger and Apricot Romance. This tea had ginger tea as it's base, I added dried apricot, cinnamon bark and all spice. If you want to make your gifts a little fuller then you can add a few sticks of homemade biscotti to bulk it up.

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