Monday, November 7, 2011

Sweater Mittens

I got this idea from this lady's booth at the St. Norbert Market. Her's were made with felted sweaters... but I just happened to have a knitted sweater I picked up at the thrift store (I was planning to make a sweater pillow but never got to it) so I used that. I made a lining for the mittens out of fleece.
The trick to making mittens out of fabric is that the thumb is not on directly on the side of your hand. It took me a few tries... but you have to make the back of the hand a little bit bigger then the front. I used the cuffs of the sweater as the cuffs for the mittens. One thing I didn't really like was the seam between the cuff and the mitten. It was pretty thick and bulged out.
It was a pretty fast craft... minus figuring out the pattern, but I think for the 10$ it costs to buy a pair of mittens... I might just recommend that : )


  1. OOh excellent job. They came out great!! Would love it if you would stop by and share these at my linky party going on right now :)

  2. After cutting it what you did with remaining fabric. Can 't wait to see your newest project. You saved my money. Just now I planed to buy one before winter session.

  3. Ah! I have sweater slippers, which are super special because my great-grandma bought the sweater for my grandma, but since they were so poor, she made it into a sweater for my dad when he was a baby, and now slippers for me and my mom!
    Also love the bathroom- it seems much larger now!