Sunday, November 27, 2011

My First Typography!

I have been wanting to do a typography poster for a long time. I have probably spent one month trying to come up with a cool phrase to print... but I never did. So last week I painted this frame I bought at the thrift store and I really want to put it up... so Idecided to make a quick typography print... and I love it!

I choose "party rocking in the house tonight", which is from a song me and my husband have been singing alot lately. (Usually we change the words to "polly rockin in the house tonight" ... polly is our dog) But anyway, here it is... with my husband and his gross movember mustache too.


  1. looks awesome...the poster...not jonas' mustache. ha.
    i like how it suits your bedroom (colour and everything).

  2. Nice! I love the irony of that photo.
    Jonas and Polly completely relaxed under your caption. Hopefully the mustache came off today.

  3. I know... I thought of that irony too. The mustache is still on... but hopefully tonight!
    Question. Who is M?