Monday, May 18, 2015

My Secret Chalk Paint Recipe

I never understood the idea of a secret food recipe. I saw it on TV shows and commercials where someone would pass on the secret family recipe and I always thought 'why?'. Why not share it with everyone? But now I know why!!! I recently created my own chalk paint recipe... and I love it! I feel like it's my special secret. It's so weird. I know that. Luckily there are hundreds of posts about chalk paint recipes so hopefully you find your own special recipe too:) ... and don't get mad at me for keeping 'my precious'.

Anyway, that's not really the reason for this blog entry, I just wanted a catchy title;) The real reason is to show off this little table!
It's a $15 garage sale find. I wanted it to have hints of red in the part where I distressed so I painted white, the red and then green. To finish it off I used a Miniwax wax product. I like wax because it gives a matte finish that I have yet to successfully get with polyurethane.

I really love this project hope you do too:)

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