Sunday, December 4, 2011

DIY Christmas Balls Tutorial

I made this little guy for my mom. It's a pretty easy craft, it just takes some time.
You need:
-a Styrofoam ball, mine were about a 2 inch diameter
-fabric cut into many little circles, about 1.5 inch diameter. (Also you'll need one long strip for the loop to hang the ornament)
-large beads (Large pearls would look great with white fabric)
-glue gun

First I glued on the large beads, just randomly around the ball. Then I glued the long strip together to form a loop and then glued that on to the ball. Then with fabric circles you put a dab of glue on the middle and fold the fabric around it. On the outer tip of the gathered fabric put another dab of glue and then stick it to the ball, between the large beads. Then you just keep repeating this until the ornament looks full.

1 comment:

  1. Yes....I love my new ornament.
    I think I will use it as our mistletoe.

    Cecile's Mom