Tuesday, October 11, 2011

DIY Touchpad Cover

I just purchased myself a touchpad! It's so fun... I now know what angry birds is : )
I saw a cover for it online, but it just wasn't my style, so I decided to make one. My first try was a failure. (pictured below) I thought I would pad it... but it ended up being so big, and the point of a touchpad is that it is small and portable. Another mistake with my first try was the way I tried to hold the touchpad in. I did two folds... and it was just too precarious.

With my second one I thought of the idea to use a book cover. I bought a book at the thrift store that fit my touch pad. If you want to make one yourself make sure your book's spine is thick enough for your device to fit into. I then took out all the pages.

Next I sewed my cover with a pocket on the one inside cover and four elastics to hold the touchpad in place and one elastic to close the cover together. The tricky part was putting the last piece on... the inside spine. I ended up sewing it on the side that has the four elastics and then hot glueing that seem to the book spine, then folding the other side over and glued that down to the other end of the book spine. In the end my hot glueing was a little messy... I should have taken my time, but Max was crying and I wanted to finish the project... but besides that I love it!


  1. impressive. i've heard good things about those ipads. i'm not quite convinced for myself quite yet but i imagine that they are extremely light and handy.

    both of the cases looks great!

  2. terminology fail: that's an iPad and it has a touchscreen

  3. It not an iPad actually, it's a HP touchpad.