Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bedroom Bliss!

I love how our bedroom is turning out. I was a little nervous about how much space we had for our bed and end tables, but it ended out being perfect! I searched for end tables for a long time, and eventually found these on Kijiji for 15$... and then paid another 15$ for the cute glass and silver knobs. The lamps and center pillow I got from my husband for my birthday this year... they are from homesense. Hopefully this summer I will make a headboard. (Any ideas for fabric choices? I think there is a lot of cream, tan and white in the room already. My mom suggested dark brown with lots of texture, but I would love suggestions if you have any!)
The other side of the bedroom is still being figured out... but I did buy blinds today, I have to wait till tomorrow to pick them up. Also, our closet systems should be coming in on Tuesday! I am so excited to hang up my clothes! ... a walk-in closet... every girl's dream, right?

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  1. looks beautiful. calming, relaxing, blissful.