Tuesday, May 4, 2010

About Time

Hey Folks....
I am feeling like I am a little over due for a blog update. Life has been busy with work and renovations... but today at work I ran into one of my parents friends and she said she sometimes looks at my blog! Well, I am so encouraged and motived by this... so here I am. Back typing away.

Mostly all you have missed in the renovations has been the boaring stuff.... wiring, plumbing, more demo... more insulation. We are putting one inch on the stiff pink insultation over the fluffy yellow R-28 insulation. (This is my job right now)
But this past weekend we got to do an exciting job.... putting in the new windows! So exciting! Below is the old windows and then the next picture is the new windows!


  1. Somehow I knew there might be an update!

  2. it's coming along cecile! i can't wait to see all the progress when i come home in summer. i am glad you blogged again, it had been a while and i was just about to let you know it!!
    love you.