Sunday, November 1, 2009

Upstairs Bathroom Reno Plans

I don't know how much I'll stick to this plan... but as of right now, this moment, this is my idea for our upstairs bathroom. I am a little nervous about the flooring. We are thinking of tiling or getting laminate flooring.
I really want to transform an old desk or dresser into a sink vanity. I think this would look stunning and be super cheap if I can find a good one on kijiji. (The one in the picture is from kijiji for 250$) I have been looking for a white rectangular vessel sink to sit atop the vanity.
The color scheme I got from my four mismatched towels. Taupe, mustard and brown. I want to paint a design on the curved wall, I don't know if diamonds will be the answer, but I like the kind of circus mystique they add to the room.

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