Monday, June 8, 2009

DVD Display

The other day we switched our cable provider. This small decision caused this change:Since I had to take the shelves down to get to the wires I decided to re-stain and varnish them. So with my glisteningly re-done shelves I felt kind of sad putting the old stuff back on them.
That's when I decided I wasn't a huge fan of seeing the DVDs. So I made the three DVD boxes out of wood. I stained them then used stickers to spell out quotes from some of the movies we own, then painted over the stickers with white paint. I then removed the stickers and varnished. I love them... so much better then the line up of DVDs.

My second favorite thing about my shelves is the books stacked with the Wii. I didn't know you could put the Wii on it's side, it was such a revalation to me. I love the look of old time entertainment, the books, mixed with new technology... the Wii and the XBox.

And, as you can probably tell, I am going big into wood for summer. I love the different textures and stains.

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