Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This is our plan for the basement. We are making a three bedroom secondary suite..... oh and it's going to be sweet!
Their will be a seperate enterance on the side of the house (which is the top of the picture). The tenants would then go down the stairs to their home. We will have a door on the main floor that can access these stairs too. Once you are down stairs there will be two doors, one will lead into the suite and the other into a large space. The large open space at the top of the page, in the middle, will be where the furnace and hot water tank will be. This will also be a space for my husband to screen print tshirts. (One of his hobbies)
When you enter the suite there is a closet and then you are in the livingroom, dinning room and kitchen space. The hallway has laundry and then the 4 piece bathroom. The bedrooms are all at the back of the suite.
To have a secondary suite you have to apply for a variance. A variance is something you have to get from the city if you are doing anything that is against the norm. (That's my definition anyway) We are hoping to apply for this soon. I hope this will go over smoothly.

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