Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Plans, plans, plans... and planning for plans. This word "plan" has been a huge part of my vocabulary this past year while we having been planning for our upcoming renovations. I know I didn't give any heads up on my blog... so I have lots of catching up to do.
Our plan is to lift up our house, move it into the backyard, take out our old foundation, and pour a new one (adding 16 feet going into the backyard) and put the house back down. If this sounds crazy to you that's because it is! We have been thinking about this plan for a year now and it still sounds crazy to me. We are currently in the process of applying for all the permits. This week we will be getting our  plans stamped by an engineer... which is the last piece of the puzzle needed to apply for our document. Making our blue prints has been so fun. I wished I blogged about it... I'll try to find some of our older designs so you can see how they changed.
I am going to drag out releasing the blue prints throughout this week. So I will start with the basic house outline. The dotted outline is our current home, the double lined outline is our renovated home. We are moving it closer to one side of our yard so that we will have a bigger side yard.


  1. it looks like it is going to be huge!!!! i'm still so jealous of your huge backyard. can't wait to see more of this process as it unfolds.

    i seriously think you need to take video of them lifting your house. i want to see it!

    1. maybe jonas can take a video, because I am pretty sure I wont want to be there watching. I would be a wreck.