Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dream, dream, dream.... dreeeeam

My last post I showed you all of our upstairs floors... minus one bedroom. The smallest bedroom has to worst floor situation. We uncovered a pretty rough patch up job in the corner and a pipe this is about a half inch above floor level. After further investigation we believe that this bedroom was once used as a kitchen. (The cupboards kind of helped in our sleuthing) So I have a new dream... I used paint program to try and explain:
An ensuite bathroom! This is the best idea. The bathroom upstairs is kind of small, so turning this small bedroom in to a large magnificent bathroom would solve this dilemma. Plus that unused hallway space would be used for more closet space in the master bedroom... then we could have his and hers closets. What do you think? I need to a plumber up there to check out the situation before I left my imagination run away with me.
Below is a picture of the bedroom and the patch job floors, most of the carpet underlay is still there and if you look you can see that pipe.

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  1. i think that you would love a master ensuite. i encourage it if it can be done.