Tuesday, September 13, 2011

One Sleepless Night

Last night i couldn't sleep... because of this I think it will lead to many more long nights. I spent my time looking at amazing projects... so now I have been inspired to do about 30 new projects. Check them out...

These three pieces of furniture are made from old doors and windows... of which I have an abundance of! I really want to do the red shelf project... but make two and paint them white. They are from http://www.myrepurposedlife.net/

I am thinking of doing this project for my bedroom.

I love love love this mirror... its made with paint stirring sticks. The wall stencils and the mirror are from http://www.centsationalgirl.com/

I have been struggling with what to to with Max's room... and then I saw this birch forest from http://prissthis.blogspot.com/

1 comment:

  1. least it wasn't a sleepless night 'cuz max kept you up!!! think of the positive. all of these projects look incredible...happy making!!!